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I am current in the laws and insurance governing personal injury in Connecticut, and am able to represent your interests whether or not you need to go to court.


I am licensed to practice law in Connecticut and the Federal District Court. I am also a member of the Connecticut Bar Association, the American Bar Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.


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Charles Williams

Attorney Charles Williams

I have been practicing law consistently since 1993, having graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Law.


I firmly believe representing a client is an educational process.  Therefore, I work at every stage to keep the client well informed of what is occurring as well as making her or him aware of existing options. The better informed the client is, the more effective the representation becomes.”


I have been a claim representative, casualty claim manager and staff trial attorney for a large insurance company, gaining much needed experience to represent clients at every level of need. I have been in private practice for twenty one years.

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Personal Injury Law

Make sure you have all of your current insurance information with you at all times, such as insurance card and declarations page.

Keep a pen and small pad in the glove compartment of your car or on your person.

•If you are able, it is important without exception to get as much information as possible. This process is information-driven.

Therefore police must be notified, as the trail of documentation begins immediately.

•Think in terms of answering the following questions:

1. When and where were you injured?

2. Who owns the property where you were injured?

3. Whose actions or inactions caused your injury?

4. What did the person do?

5. What is the insurance information of the other person involved?

6. What is the name and badge number of the investigating officer?

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Criminal Defense

•Personal Injury Resulting From

       Auto Accidents

       Wrongful Death

       Slip and Fall Injury/Premises Liability               

       Workers’ Compensation/ Injuries Sustained at Work

       Dog Bite Cases